Enjoy a wee taste of Scotland with our two jar set. Beautifully wrapped and packaged with wildflower seeds to help our little friends. A perfect gift or to just tuck into at home. Both are set honeys to avoid crystallisation.

Scottish Heather honey is from the heather moors across Scotland which only flower for about 6 weeks a year.

Scottish Blossom honey is from the first part of the season and can contain clover, lime, oil seed rape etc.

Both jars weigh in at 227g each.

Scottish Honey Gift by The Scottish Bee Company

  • Scottish Heather Honey contains 10x the amount of the essential nutrient Manganese than other honeys.  This basically proves what we knew all along: Scottish Heather honey is a superfood.  If you've never heard of Manganese then here is a bit about it. Manganese is an essential mineral. As well as its high antioxidant qualities, it plays a role in helping to make and activate enzymes in the body involved in protecting tissues from damage and in the metabolism of nutrients. It also helps maintain healthy bones.

    More: https://www.scottishbeecompany.co.uk/blogs/news/groundbreaking-research-reveals-scottish-heather-honey-as-a-superfood

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