A beautiful gift of this Award Winning Scottish Heather Honeycomb comes straight from the hive and is presented in our bespoke environmentally friendly tins.

Rich in Manganese, this heather honeycomb is cut once a year after the bees have foraged for only 6 weeks on the Scottish heather moors. The amber red colour sparkles through the combs which are filled to bursting with delicious heather honey.

A real treat for foodies, enjoy honeycomb spread onto hot buttered toast, serve it alongside a charcuterie board, or eat it straight from the tin with a spoon!


This is an example of a true raw honey, taken from the hive and placed in a tin with no processing at all.


  • antibacterial and antimicrobial properties
  • high levels of antioxidants
  • antibiofilm activity
  • ten times more manganese than any other honey in the world

Scottish Heather Honey contains 10x the amount of the essential nutrient Manganese than other honeys. This basically proves what we knew all along: Scottish Heather honey is a superfood. If you've never heard of Manganese then here is a bit about it. Manganese is an essential mineral. As well as its high antioxidant qualities, it plays a role in helping to make and activate enzymes in the body involved in protecting tissues from damage and in the metabolism of nutrients. It also helps maintain healthy bones.

More: https://www.scottishbeecompany.co.uk/blogs/news/groundbreaking-research-reveals-scottish-heather-honey-as-a-superfoodThe first food product ever to receive the BSI Kitemark. Find out more here.



Scottish Heather Honeycomb by the Scottish Bee Company

  • Scottish Heather Cut Comb 200gm ref SC1 2020 Best Before end Dec 2021.