Peppermint and Spirulina Body Scrub

Handmade Peppermint and Spirulina Body Scrub. The ultimate natural botanical body scrub with biodegradable exfoliant, nutritious spirulina and real mint leaves.


This peppermint and spirulina scrub gently exfoliates, meanwhile the zingy peppermint essential oil seriously packs a punch and sets you up for the day ahead.


Made with the highest quality ingredients, the natural colours come from the spirulina (a type of nutritious algae) while the cocoa butter and sweet almond oil moisturise and protect the skin.


Use in the bath or shower for all over soft skin or use in the sink for revitalising hand care.

Rich and vibrant peppermint, uplifts and compliments the oceanic touch of super spirulina. Sweet almond oil is moisturising and is perfect for sensitive skin. Arrowroot powder helps absorb the nourishing oils and butters in to the skin, leaving the skin feeling soft and supple. The mint leaves are there for a touch if botanical luxury combined with peppermint essential oil, a refreshing scent which increases concentration and focus.




Peppermint and Spirulina Body Scrub Handmade by MELLA